New Monster Energy Supercross Video Shows Off the Game’s Visuals

Developer Milestone has released a new video, showcasing the visuals of its upcoming game, Monster Energy Supercross. In a press release, the studio revealed the following four “rules” behind the creation of these visuals:

  • Rule 1 – “Get Real”: Innovative tracks and prestigious stadiums are authentically recreated using photogrammetry for maximum realism.
  • Rule 2 – “Face First”: If the tracks and stadiums are real, then the elite athletes must be real too: all riders’ faces are rendered using our 3D scanning system.
  • Rule 3 – “Building Heroes”: An authentic experience is made possible thanks to the realistic presentations of tracks, riders and podiums for a truly immersive Supercross experience.
  • Rule 4 – “Be There”: Advanced techniques, combined with a dynamic 3D menu and astonishing artistic polish, make the gamer feel like a real Monster Energy Supercross champion who is ready to “Enter The Arena.”

The game certainly looks promising, as we noted in our recent preview. PlayStation LifeStyle’s Anthony Nash writes:

Intros are filled with fireworks and a roaring crowd, and the track set up seems to mirror real life as well. The game does a great job of delivering the feel of an actual race.

Monster Energy Supercross will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on February 13, and for Nintendo Switch at a later date.