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SoulCalibur VI Demo Available at CES 2018 and EVO Japan 2018

Still hot from the world premiere reveal of SoulCalibur VI at The Game Awards 2017 last month, Bandai Namco has just announced in SoulCalibur‘s official Twitter account that the first ever playable demo for the game will be available at Razer’s booth in CES 2018 which is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 8-12.

Want to be one of the first people to experience #SOULCALIBURVI? It will be playable this week at #CES2018 at the @Razer booth (#21000 in the South Hall). Come by and show us if your soul still burns!

In addition to that, Bandai Namco has also published a Japanese press release which confirms that a playable demo of SoulCalibur VI will be also available at EVO Japan 2018. This press release also implies that Mitsurugi and Sophitia will not be the only playable characters available in the EVO Japan demo build.

Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. hereby announces that SoulCalibur VI, the weapon fighting action game planned for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam in 2018, will have a playable demo at Evolution Championship Series: Japan 2018 (EVO Japan 2018) which is held on January 26-28.

*The playable demo will be available at Ikebukuro Sunshine City Bunka Kaikan Exhibition Hall B (4th floor) on January 26-27.

SoulCalibur is a series of weapon fighting action games where players get to savor earnest fights by directly controlling various weapons and performing magnificent sword plays. At EVO Japan 2018 which will be held on January 26-28, 2018, a playable demo for the latest title in the series, SoulCalibur VI, will be present.

We’re planning to have Mitsurugi Heishiro, Sophitia Alexandra, and others as characters that can be used in this demo. Please kindly try out the newest SoulCalibur at this first opportunity of a playable demo in Japan!

SoulCalibur VI is currently under development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam, and is planned to be released sometime in 2018.

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