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Beholder Makes You Spy on Tenants to Get Its Platinum Trophy

Beholder, which has the unique distinction of being a game where you spy on your tenants, is releasing next week on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The console port will include the Blissful Sleep DLC, and now the full trophy list has gone online before its January 16 release. It includes a Platinum trophy to unlock, and plenty of hijinks to get into.

Check out the full Beholder trophy list below:


  • Government Elite

    Unlock all the Trophies in Beholder!


  • Dolce Vita

    Hector went abroad and guaranteed a comfortable life
  • Most Important Thing

    All your family is alive


  • Heart attack or Validation?

    Carl failed the Fit and Proper test
  • Bad Time Stories

    Tune the agitation device on the children radio wave
  • District 9

    Hector ended his life in the slums
  • Without a Severance Pay

    Hector went abroad
  • Citizen Shteyn

    Carl became a gold standard of a model citizen
  • 111 kilometers

    Work in the Archives till the end of your life
  • Their Grass is Greener

    Carl went abroad
  • What Is It Good For?

    The war ended with ceasefire
  • Brave New World

    The New Tomorrow is already here!
  • Easy Virtue

    Klara lived in the house twice
  • Dance, dance!

    Find Zlata Schimmer’s biological parents
  • Law and Order

    Talk to the cat in one language


  • Blast from the past

    When the ghosts from your past haunt you
  • Look into the monsters’ eyes

    Fear must be overcome
  • Sleep Tight

    Hector slept his Blissful Sleep
  • Love Potion No. 9

    They lived happily… or not
  • Awesome Descartres

    There can’t be too many thoughts!
  • Iron Fist

    Bring justice
  • Leg Grower

    Help the war veteran grow back his leg
  • Merry Drakaris

    Warm the old lady
  • It’s not my business

    Don’t touch secrets of the past
  • I Did Nothing!

    Push a tenant to their limit
  • Whiskered idler

    Try to get rid of the animal
  • Yo-ho-ho

    Be friends with a pirate
  • At both fronts

    Contribute to art development
  • Parental Control

    Report Martha
  • No Man’s Spy

    Be out of conceit with the secret ending
  • I’m Too Old For This

    Undergo the Blissful Sleep procedure in advance
  • Brainless Braveheart

    Drink poisoned coffee
  • Not a Big Dealer

    Report the drug maker
  • Family Guy

    Get on track with your family
  • White Papers, Black Mails

    Write a blackmailing letter
  • Bahama Mama

    Set the Shimmers off to cruise
  • My Heart Will Go On

    Set the Shimmers off to sailing the barge
  • I Choose Violence

    Dishouse Klaus Shimmer in a hard way
  • Pimp My Bride

    Find a woman for Shpak
  • Dirty Hands

    Take part in the attempt on the life of the General
  • Wetback Wall

    Carl was caught on the border while he was trying to escape
  • Not So Dumb

    This dumb is not mine!
  • Freedom is Slavery

    State influence upon citizens life increased
  • War Never Changes

    Battle actions still take place on the border
  • Iron Curtain

    Carl left in the country
  • Beholden To No One

    I have nothing to behold
  • Die Like You Mean It

    Be killed by a tenant
  • Billing Them Softly

    Be caught in a theft
  • Live like a boss

    Feed the cat with banned food

Learn more about Beholder while you wait for the game’s release:

Take on the role of Carl and decide your own morality scale in Beholder. With procedurally generated scenarios and over ten different endings to uncover, choose to protect your family through secret machinations or selfless sacrifice. One thing is for certain: Someone is always watching.

  • LIVE in a grim future where privacy is dead and a totalitarian State owns your life.
  • SERVE the State that appointed you a manager of an apartment house.
  • SPY on tenants using an arsenal of peeping, and eavesdropping techniques.
  • REPORT on ideological subversion, or keep these secrets to yourself as blackmail material!
  • USE authority to follow the law or CHOOSE to pursue your personal interests. Play as a loyal citizen, rebel freedom fighter, a corrupt crook out for personal gain.

Beholder will release January 16 on PlayStation 4.

[Source: PSN Profiles]