Celeste Will Release on the PlayStation 4 Later This Month

The single-player, narrative-driven platformer Celeste will be releasing for the PlayStation 4 later this month on January 25, creator Matt Thorson has revealed. The game, which was announced way back in 2016, has taken some time to develop, but players will finally be able to buy the game and jump into the world soon.

For those that don’t know, Celeste puts players in the role of Madeline, a girl on a mission to climb Celeste Mountain, a structure that spans over 700 levels packed with platforming challenges and devious secrets. According to the creator of the game, Madeline will meet a variety of characters and confront her inner demons on the journey up the mountain.  When Celeste launches, it aims to be a modern take on the classic action platformer of days past. The game has clearly taken some time to develop due to how vast it is, and Thorson describes the process as very close to the development teams hearts.

Here’s how creator Matt Thorson describes the upcoming game:

The mountain in Celeste isn’t an ordinary one. You’ll climb through more than 250 stages, across striking areas like an abandoned city, ancient ruins, precarious cliff sides, and a haunted resort. The mountain has a lot of history, and so does your character. You’ll be battling your inner demons as much as the environment in your fight to reach the summit. There aren’t many people out here, but you can meet a few quirky characters to keep you company if you search them out.

Celeste is currently set to launch on January 25, 2018.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]