Gintama Rumble trailer 2 special version

Check Out This Wacky Version of Gintama Rumble’s 2nd Trailer

Bandai Namco has published a ‘special version’ of Gintama Rumble‘s second trailer as a reward for the success of a Twitter campaign, where they promised to upload this video if a tweet in Gintama Rumble’s official account reached 8,000 retweets. Some people may be wondering “What’s so special about this version?” If you are an avid Gintama fan, you should know already what to expect from this video.

To those who don’t, let us remind you that Gintama is a series filled with gags all over the place, and it is always guaranteed to have a comedy scene in places you would expect the least. And this video is intended to be a wacky version of the original trailer where every single quote is voiced by the same character and in a silly way to top it off. The character voicing everything in this video is Prince Hata, who also has the infamous nickname of Prince Baka (which means Prince Stupid).

Gintama Rumble is a samurai rumble action game with a hack-and-slash gameplay system that is similar to Dynasty Warriors and Sengoku Basara series. You can also expect the game to have some zany features, such as the Gintama Pachinko slot system that could sometimes result in a Mosaic Mode where the screen gets heavily pixelated for a short period of time, or parody references to other series like Gintoki launching a Kamehameha. Bandai Namco recently has also confirmed appearances of a couple of characters named Brieza and Cello, who look very much like you-know-who.

If you want to see how the original trailer looks like, you can watch it right at the bottom of this article. Gintama Rumble will be released soon on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan on January 18. An English localized version is also released in Southeast Asia on the same day, although it will be only available on the PS4.

[Source: Bandai Namco]