Square Enix CEO Says Loot Boxes Shouldn’t Get in the Way of Player Experience

Yesterday, we discussed a recent interview the Yosuke Matsuda – the CEO of Square Enix – did with the folks over at Metro, detailing the modernization of RPGs and how they fit in society today. In that same interview, Matsuda was also asked his views on the loot boxes amid the surrounding controversy regarding their place in gaming.

As with his answers yesterday, Matsuda was surprisingly open, and when asked if his thoughts on loot boxes have changed given the recent controversy over the Star Wars Battlefront II issues, Matsuda acknowledged that as long as loot boxes match the original game design, there won’t be an issue. “It is obviously very bad to have loot boxes that get in the way of the player experience, or detract from it in some way.” he said. “That’s clearly not a good thing. You have to really think about what they do to add to the overall gameplay experience, and how they fit in with that and the overall design of the game. I think that’s the way we should look at these things.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Matsuda went into detail on what he meant when he discussed in a business report the rise of games as a service. According to the CEO, the company aims to keep players engaged. “The way we use that expression, really… the whole idea, for a single-player game particularly, is the idea that you have the game released and you keep adding more content to keep the players engaged and enjoying the game.” There’s more information in the interview with Matsuda, including his views on other current ongoings in the gaming world, so make sure to give it a read if you haven’t yet.

[Source: Metro]