PS5 vs Xbox Series X

Square Enix’s Naoki Yoshida Weighs in on PS5 vs. Xbox Series X Debate

Square Enix‘s Naoki Yoshida was recently quizzed about his thoughts on the never-ending PS5 vs. Xbox Series X debate, to which he had an interesting response. According to the Final Fantasy 16 producer, it would be easier for both developers and players if there was a single gaming platform.

Naoki Yoshida on the tiresome PS5 vs. Xbox Series X console war

Yoshida made these comments during an interview with Taiwanese YouTube channel Muyao 4 Super Player. As spotted by ResetEra user Truno and translated by IGN, Yoshida said, “Game platforms… I probably shouldn’t say this, but I wish there was only one. It would be better for both the developers and the players.” According to Truno, Yoshida jokingly added that everyone should “synchronize” and buy the same console.

Yoshida may have been (partially) joking, but his comments shed light on a tiresome debate that developers often get caught up in. Final Fantasy 16 was no exception, as the PS5 console exclusive became the subject of exclusivity debates and was even brought up in the U.S. Congress and a courtroom showdown between Microsoft and the Federal Trade Commission.

Microsoft and Square Enix have since been attempting to improve their relations, with the latter announcing Final Fantasy 14 for Xbox after a lengthy wait.