Build Your Dream Race Track in Monster Energy Supercross

With the release of Monster Energy Supercross approaching quickly, developers Milestone have revealed one of the most highly anticipated features in the game: the Track Editor. This feature allows players to customize, share, and race on their own dream race track. To celebrate the announcement, Milestone has released a new trailer for the mode.

When players get their hands on Monster Energy Supercross, they’ll be able to not only race around famous tracks, but design their own, and that all starts with the stadium. Players can choose from indoor to outdoor stadiums and then get to editing. In the game, there will be over 80 modules that players can use to craft their track. Use curves, whoops, single and triple jumps, or just all straight lines to make the most interesting and dynamic track.

For more on Monster Energy Supercross, make sure to check out our preview of the game below:

For a company that has so long been engrained in the world of simulation titles, it was surprising to see them branch out into a different type of racing. What was even more surprising, however, was seeing that they succeeded in delivering a fun and easy to grasp arcade game in one of their first attempts. While there’s nothing incredibly new about the world of supercross, it’s been some time since a licensed game has come out. Though I only got to spend about 30 minutes with it, Monster Energy Supercross seems like a no brainer for fans of the dirt biking world.

Monster Energy Supercross is set to launch on February 13, 2018.