This Danganronpa Series Trailer is the Ultimate Trip Down Memory Lane


Danganronpa series

Developer Spike Chunsoft just put out a really cool Danganronpa series trailer on their official YouTube channel. The video spans all three games in the series (and even shows the spin-off Another Episode). It’s a great way to remember what is special about these adventure games, or a nice tease for what is to come if you haven’t started them yet!

Check out the official Danganronpa series trailer below:

If you want to know more about Danganronpa V3, check out our spoiler-free review. Chandler Wood had a lot to say about the surprising conclusion:

If you delight in the sense of drama and anticipation that arises from impossible situations, if you are engaged by a twisting mystery that is never quite what you expect, then the Danganronpa series is for you. I can’t in good faith recommend that you play Danganronpa V3 before the other two, just like I would never tell you to enjoy Return of the King before partaking of Fellowship of the Ring and Two Towers. As the third part of an incredible trilogy of games, Danganronpa V3 deserves your attention in its rightful place after the other two. Make no mistake though, it’s a title that’s well worth arriving at when you get there, a vibrantly dark mystery that sinks its teddy bear claws in and won’t let go.

Also, if you’re okay with spoilers, feel free to jump into our Danganronpa V3 class trial guide that will take you through every question and minigame in each of the six class trials, as well as directing you where to place the mysterious items you get in the game.

Danganronpa V3 is available now for PlayStation 4 and Vita.