Danganronpa V3 Guide – Walkthroughs for Every Class Trial

Most of the fun in a Danganronpa game is figuring out the twisting mysteries behind each of the gruesome murders. With that in mind, I recommend attempting to complete the trials for yourself first. This Danganronpa V3 guide will go through every Non-Stop Debate, Rebuttal Showdown, and every other minigame that you’ll need to finish to reach a conclusion during the trials. Make sure to read our spoiler free Danganronpa V3 review.

Be warned, from here on out there are significant spoilers for each of the class trials in Danganronpa V3

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Danganronpa V3 Walkthrough

Where to put the Mysterious Objects

After each trial, you’ll be getting a few Mysterious Objects that will open up places around the school. Sometimes hunting down where to use these objects can be difficult. Here is where each item goes.

After Trial 1

Red Dragon Orb – Use this on the dragon statue on second floor, next to Kaede’s piano lab.

Foreign Passport – Use in the space on the left wall in hallway leading to the gym.

Hexagonal Crank – Use in the door on the wall to far left after going outside the school.

Ocarina – Immediately after exiting the school go left and use the Ocarina on the mysterious monument.

After Trial 2

Key – There’s a pixel art doorway just outside of Maki’s lab to use this key on.

Ninja Scroll – Use this in the Masked Statue just to the left outside of the trial room.

Golden Hammer – Upstairs on the fourth floor through the unlocked pixel art doorway after using the other two items, use the hammer on the pane of glass past the three empty rooms.

After Trial 3

Levistone – Use on the black cube with the red border around the top, just outside of Miu’s inventor lab.

Octobrush – Use on the hanging scroll along the left wall on the way to Angie’s art lab on the fourth floor.

After Trial 4

Last Real Key (Old looking key) – Use on the black and white tiled door along the right wall on the way to the gym.

– Use this key again on the extravagant door just to the right of Shuichi’s detective lab on the fifth floor.

Real Last Key (Futuristic looking key) – Use in the pedestal next to the door that is just past Miu’s inventor lab.