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Collection of ‘Totaku’ Figures Based on PlayStation Franchises Unveiled

ThinkGeek has unveiled a new series of figures based on PlayStation games. Available exclusively at GameStop in the US (and GAME in some European regions, apparently), the ‘Totaku’ collection is launching with 10cm “highly detailed” figurines of Kratos from God of War, Crash Bandicoot, LittleBigPlanet‘s Sackboy, Tekken‘s Heihachi, PaRappa the Rapper, Hunter from Bloodborne, and WipEout‘s Feisar FX350.

You can check out a brief video above published by GAME España. US folks can pre-order at GameStop ($9.99 each).

Specifications provided are as follows:

  • 10cm Highly Detailed Figurines
  • Series numbered – collect them all
  • Non-Articulated Fixed Base
  • Multiple Ways to Display

GameSoul provides the following additional information (translation via ResetEra):

To the delight of collectors, the very first series of Totaku will be marked with a symbol that identifies the first edition. All other copies produced will not have this mark, so the statuettes of the main draft will certainly be the rarest and most desired by fans. Each of these small figures is about 10 centimeters tall, and represents a character in one of his most iconic poses. In addition, the small base where the Totaku are supported is in the shape of a cross and can be joined to the other by interlocking, forming fun scenarios with your favorite video games characters.

What do our readers think of these?

[Source: ResetEra]