Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 4 Out Today, View Trailer

Telltale Games is keeping a solid release schedule for Batman: The Enemy Within, and today the fourth episode launches on consoles and PC. Called What Ails You, episode four will feature Bruce Wayne having to deal with his cover finally being blown.

Here’s the official episode description straight from Telltale Games:

When the Pact puts its plan into motion, Bruce’s cover is finally blown, and as his web of lies unravels, new questions emerge: When and how will the Pact regroup? What’s truly motivating Amanda Waller and the Agency? And perhaps most importantly, how will John Doe handle the truth about his buddy Bruce? With another showdown brewing, the clown prince of crime may finally earn his crown…

Check out the Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 4 trailer below:

For even more on Batman: The Enemy Within, check out our review of the third episode:

While the adventure game elements aren’t knocked out of the park here, the dialogue sequences are top-notch. Some of my favorite scenes in Fractured Mask actually dealt with John Doe. This says a lot to how well Telltale has managed to write the character, as I’ve never been traditionally a big fan of the Joker, and found him to be played out in a lot of appearances. But here, he’s not a simple maniacal villain, as he hasn’t reached that point of insanity yet, and there’s something pure to be found. It’s a really great portrayal, and one that I’m curious to see developed more.

These character moments may be the strongest points of The Enemy Within, but Telltale Games has done an excellent job of making sure that the main story continues to progress. It’s this episode where the main plot really come into its own, and Batman now has a much more dangerous foe to go up against than the ragtag group of criminals he’s been hanging out with. There’s still a lot to be revealed, but it guarantees that the last two episodes will be filled with big moments.

Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 4 releases today for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile.