Launch Update Will Coincide with Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Release

When Dissidia Final Fantasy NT launches worldwide at the end of the month, Square Enix will release an update for the game, which promises to add languages to the game as well as some other key features being implemented. There’s no word yet on whether or not the Western versions of the game will have this update already included, but they will be getting the update one way or another.

The update, which was announced via their Twitter page (and translated by Gematsu), looks like it will enable Japanese players to add various languages to the game and tweak their controls to match the other games settings. Some online fixes and tweaks will also be included. For a full look at what the update will include, check out below:

  • Languages added. English voices and subtitles for each language (English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish) can be chosen.
  • In the control settings of the Options menu, Circle and X can be switched.
  • In the control settings of the Options menu, L1 / R1 and L2 / R2 can be switched.
  • In Room Matches, P.LV and C.LV experience points and Gil can be obtained.
  • A greater amount of Gil will be rewarded for clearing battles.
  • In situations where you disconnect with an opponent before the Briefing screen, there will not be a penalty.
  • Offline Class can be more easily raised. (When your Offline Class rises, the ally COM rank also rises, which makes battles easier.)
  • When matching with an opponent, the online ID of opponents in the voice chat list are hidden. (Everyone’s IDs will be displayed after moving to the Briefing screen with an opponent.)

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will launch on January 30 for North America and Europe.

[Source: Gematsu]