iam8bit and PlayStation Partner Together for Shadow of the Colossus Vinyl

As we get closer to the release of the Shadow of the Colossus remake, the folks over at iam8bit have announced that they’ve partnered with Japan Studio and PlayStation to offer fans a variety of Shadow of the Colossus-themed items that any fan will no doubt want to look into picking up.

The first of item is a special offering, as it’s a first-ever pressing of the Shadow of the Colossus soundtrack on vinyl, complete with 35 tracks of music from composer Now Otani, enhanced with an orchestral accompaniment and remastered for vinyl. The vinyl will be printed onto translucent colored vinyl and will be packaged in a trifold sleeve with album art painted by famed artist Nimit Malavia. The vinyl is expected to ship in Q2 2018, and is up for preorder now for $40.

shadow of the colossus vinyl

Along with the vinyl, iam8bit is also offering two limited edition screen prints that also features artwork from Nimit Malavia and Mark Englert, respectively. For more information on both of those, check out the following information:

Shadow of the Colossus Screen Print by Nimit Malavia

Ascending to the very top of a colossi is an especially poignant moment in Shadow of the Colossus – when you’re dozens of stories up, the air is crisp, the view is spectacular. The experience is downright cathartic, and is perfectly captured in artist Nimit Malavia’s beyond epic illustration. To embody the supreme emotions present, we couldn’t help but make this screenprint a colossus-sized and impressive, cinema-style 24 x 36 inches (Limited edition of 350, 14-color, hand-pulled screen print).

Shadow of the Colossus Screen Print by Mark Englert

Renowned artist Mark Englert is no stranger to ultra-widescreen vistas. His sense of scale and scope is unmatched, and here, with Shadow of the Colossus, his illustration mastery is on full display. Never before have all 16 colossi been seen together, co-existing amidst the beautiful landscape, as Wander and horse gallop in the foreground. There is so much incredible detail in this piece, only an in-person examination will reveal all its subtle nods & hidden trappings (Limited edition of 350, 14-color, hand-pulled screen print).

Both prints are up for preorder now, with Malavia’s print going for $85 and Englert’s for $80. Let us know in the comments if you plan on picking up any of the new items!