ghost of tsushima origami

In-Game Ghost of Tsushima Origami Easter Eggs Pay Homage to Several PlayStation Exclusives

Sony’s first-party studios often celebrate one another, especially when one team releases a new game. Sucker Punch has done something similar, but embedded the love for fellow studios within its latest project, Ghost of Tsushima. The execution is rather creative way to pay homage, too. It’d be pretty strange if Jin were to stumble across Kratos’ axe. But an origami figure of the weapon proves more appropriate.

Twitter user xGarbett discovered the figures in Ghost of Tsushima, then shared an image and video. According to xGarbett, the little origami configurations can be seen on a table after completing the game. See a quick video of the Easter Eggs below:

As you can see, several PlayStation franchises, and those associated with PlayStation, get a bit of love in the form of origami. They include: Concrete Genie, Days Gone, Death Stranding, Dreams, God of War, Gran Turismo, Horizon: Zero Dawn, MLB The Show, Ratchet and Clank, Shadow of the Colossus, and The Last of Us. Even the logo for SIE London Studio appears on the far right corner.

Since Ghost of Tsushima counts as the PS4’s last major exclusive before the advent of next-generation consoles, it’s only fitting that it pays homage to those that came before. The title hit stores late last week and is already performing well, debuting at number one on the UK sales charts for physical releasesGhost of Tsushima fared pretty well in terms of reviews, too. Most were generally favorable, including our review which awarded Sucker Punch’s latest a 9 out of 10.

[Source: xGarbett on Twitter via Push Square]