Blizzard Says Overwatch’s Loot Box Odds Didn’t Change With the Addition of New Cosmetics

Overwatch‘s most recent update introduced over 100 new items for all 26 heroes, and it didn’t take long for fans to try and unlock them. Those who have been unsuccessful in unlocking new items after opening a significant number of loot boxes have taken to Twitter to complain, but the developer has reassured players that loot box odds have not changed.

Simply put, these cosmetics aren’t part of any limited-time events, and hence, have been added to the pool of items for standard loot boxes. This means we’re not guaranteed anything, as Blizzard explained to one player on Twitter:

For those who missed it, here’s what the cosmetic update added:

Loot boxes have been infused with over 100 cosmetics inspired by Blizzard World, Overwatch animated shorts, and more! Collect new legendary skins, including: Barbarian Zarya, Black Cat D.Va, Crusader Reinhardt, Ecopoint: Antarctica Mei, Kabuki Hanzo, and emotes such as Mercy’s Parasol, Sombra’s Marioneta, and Tracer’s Bomb Spin. Additionally, players will discover new highlight intros like Bastion’s Reconfigure, Soldier: 76’s Lights Out, Winston’s Roll, and many more.

Have our readers unlocked any of the new items?

[Source: GameSpot]