paragon closure

Players Rally to Save Paragon Following Announcement of Closure

The announcement of Paragon‘s closure came as a bit of a surprise, not because players didn’t expect it but largely because it came less than a week after Epic Games promised to figure out ways to make the MOBA grow. The developer had told its community that it plans to spend a couple of weeks analyzing possibilities before making a decision so players were taken by surprise when the announcement came just six days after the initial letter.

Although Epic has offered full refunds, Paragon‘s community is unhappy and is now rallying to save the game. Hashtag “pleasesaveparagon” has emerged on Twitter and Reddit, with over 7,000 upvotes on the latter. The announcement of closure garnered sympathies from other studios, prompting some to suggest that Epic should sell Paragon to prevent it from shutting down altogether.

Some have gone as far as suggesting that Epic should release Paragon‘s source code to the community to allow them to run the game. Others have pointed towards multiple statements from the studio in which it promised an exciting 2018 for Paragon players, only to end up pulling the plug as Fortnite‘s success shifted the studio’s attention.

Epic Games has yet to respond but don’t hold your breath.

[Source: Reddit via PC Invasion]