Friday the 13th Game Making Changes to Pocket Knives & Gameplay

Pocket knives will no longer be as plentiful in Friday the 13th: The Game. The developer announced today that the next update will be lessening how frequently the weapon appears in order to balance the game. Other changes include lessening the amount of med sprays, machetes, and wrenches. They’ll still be in the game, but will appear less often.

Here’s the full note regarding Friday the 13th game pocket knife changes from the developer (which is written as a really fun note to counselors):

Good morning, counselors.

We have received multiple reports that many of you are bringing more pocket knives than could possibly be necessary to camp. In addition to pocket knives, there is an abundance of sharp-edged and blunt instruments that can be used as weaponry.

The following changes will be made to acceptable behavior when we next open the camp:

  • Pocket knives will be far less available throughout the camp, though special visitors will still be allowed to bring a personal pocket knife.
  • We have limited access to some pieces of hardware that can be used as weaponry, including an abundance of machetes and wrenches, that have later been found left around the camp. – These items will still be at the camp, but there will be less available.

Special note: Due to the abandonment of expensive medical inventory – Med Sprays – all over the grounds, we have been forced to reduce the amount available.

Please remember to do your part to eliminate the wasting of expensive and necessary camp supplies.

I was highly critical of Friday the 13th when it launched in the sorry state it did, but Gun Media really deserves credit for how they’ve listened to the community, and made a really successful multiplayer game despite some rough patches. Changes like these show that they really are listening.

[Source: Friday the 13th game]