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The King of Fighters XIV Will Add Oswald and More DLC Characters in April 2018

SNK has uploaded a new trailer for The King of Fighters XIV, introducing Oswald as a new DLC character that will be added alongside three more unannounced characters in a new DLC batch for the popular fighting game.

Oswald made his first debut in the eleventh game The King of Fighters XI but has not made a return as a playable character until this announcement, although he had briefly appeared in The King of Fighters XIII as a cameo in another character’s ending.

Here is a short biography of Oswald as written by SNK in the official video description.

Oswald is an old and very calm gentleman also known in the underworld as a professional hitman. He has mastered the Karnoffel assassination art, and uses playing cards to slice and dice his opponents. As a veteran poker player, he never shows his emotions in battle.

The King of Fighters XIV was first released worldwide in August 2016 with a base roster of 50 characters. It then had the first DLC batch that added four new playable characters: Whip, Vanessa, Ryuji Yamazaki, and Rock Howard in April 2017. Oswald is the first character to be revealed in the new second DLC batch that will add four more new characters and released in April 2018. If we include both DLC batches, The King of Fighters XIV will have a new total of 58 playable characters.

[Source: SNK]