Latest New Gundam Breaker Trailer Shows off More Gundam Fighting

After Bandai Namco revealed the upcoming New Gundam Breaker a couple of weeks ago, fans have been anxious for more information, and that came today. Over at the Bandai Namco YouTube channel, a new gameplay trailer for the game has been released, showing off five minutes of Gundam battling. You can check out the new trailer below:

In the game, players will have to build their own Gunpla Mobile Suit Armor and team up with friends to take out other enemies. As they fight other mechs, they’ll have the ability to strip their defeated opponents of the best parts and take them as their own. While not much else has been revealed about the game, there has been a new batch of screenshots released, which you can find below.

For more information on the upcoming New Gundam Breaker, check out below for a list of features that were recently revealed (via RPG Site):

  • Real-Time Customization Battles

    In past Gundam Breaker games, you could only customize your Gunpla outside missions in the lobby. While it’s also still possible in New Gundam Breaker, you will now be able to take dropped Gunpla parts and equip them right away on the spot. Each part has their own set of skills and strengths, so you can instantly strengthen your unit.
  • Team Opposition Co-Op Battles

    Missions in New Gundam Breaker will basically employ a 3-on-3 team battle system, where both teams are given a number of tasks (such as “Destroy 20 units from the unaffiliated Third Force”, “Destroy 10 containers”, or “Destroy the mobile armor Big Zam”) that reward points to the successful team. The team with higher points when the time runs out wins. Although this part specifically mentions a 3-player team, these battles can also be played in single-player mode.
  • New Maps

    New Gundam Breaker will have new maps not present in past games such as the Workshop and Snow Mountain Base.

New Gundam Breaker is set to launch sometime in 2018.