Monster Hunter: World Sold Over 1.35 Million Copies in Japan Alone

Monster Hunter is one of the biggest video game franchises in Japan. It is one of the few series that manage to sell millions of copies in the country and most titles in the franchise could break over one million sales within the first week of release.

Previously, Capcom has announced that within the first three days of release, the latest title Monster Hunter: World has shipped over 5 million units—including digital sales—worldwide. But how has the game been faring in its origin country?

Famitsu, one of the largest Japanese gaming media, stated that Monster Hunter: World has sold an estimated amount of 1,350,412 copies in the first three days of its release, from January 26 to 28. This number counts all physical copy sales including limited editions and console bundles, but it does not include digital sales. If included, Famitsu assumes that the grand total would even exceed 2 million copies.

Monster Hunter: World has sold 1,350,412 copies on the first three days (first week) of release, setting a new record for first week sales numbers in the history of PlayStation 4 software. It also holds the historic 1st place in the total [lifetime] sales amount. Furthermore, if digital sales are included, it is assumed that this game could even surpass 2 million copies.

At the week of this game’s release (January 22-28), PlayStation 4 (including PlayStation 4 Pro) has sold 140,432 units, greatly increased to 3.1 times the amount of last week’s sales at 44,910 units. It can be said that Monster Hunter: World contributes to hardware traction as well. This amount of weekly unit sales puts it on a historic second place after the release week of PlayStation 4 console (February 17-23, 2014) at 322,083 units. With this, a total of 6,187,000 units of PlayStation 4 has been sold [in Japan].

[Source: Famitsu]