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Pinball FX3 Getting Three Jurassic Park Tables in February

In collaboration with Universal, Zen Studios has announced that it will be helping celebrate the upcoming 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park by releasing three all-new tables for its Pinball FX3 service. Themed around the history and lore of the iconic film franchise, Jurassic World Pinball will feature tables inspired by the events of both Jurassic World and Jurassic Park films.

The Jurassic World Pinball pack will be available for download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Windows 10. The table will also be available on iOS, Google Play, and Mac through the Zen Pinball app, and all platforms will be available day and date on February 20, 2018.  On the Jurassic World Pinball table, film dialogue featuring favorite characters accompanies action inspired by some of the most iconic film scenes in the franchise. Things from training raptors and neutralizing Pteranodons to escaping from the Indominus Rex.

“Just like Jurassic World’s scientists created genetically modified hybrid dinosaurs, so too have Zen’s developers created an amazing hybrid between great pinball simulation and beautiful video game,” says Mel Kirk, VP of Publishing at Zen Studios. “Jurassic Park has a very respectable pinball legacy—we still play the ‘90s arcade table to this day—and we’re honored that Universal has entrusted us to continue that through Pinball FX3 with our Jurassic World Pinball pack. It’s an amazing way to celebrate 25 years of one of our favorite film franchises ever.”

Check out some more features from the upcoming table below:

Zen Studios has spared no expense to bring you the finest video pinball adventure this side of Isla Nublar with its Jurassic Park Pinball table. Hear from classic film characters as you relive your favorite cinematic moments from the original film in a whole new way. Outrun the T. rex in an iconic Jurassic Parkjeep, hunt Velociraptors or outsmart those clever girls in the kitchen.

Return to Isla Nublar on the Jurassic Park Pinball Mayhem table as you keep escaped dinosaurs at bay, deal with emergencies, rescue trapped workers, and help return the park to its former glory. You’ll even assume the role of a Stegosaurus battling a hungry T. rex.

The Jurassic World Pinball table will launch on February 20, 2018.