Developers Update Fans on Advanced Gungeons & Draguns, Says Expansions Coming “Soon”

Last year, Dodge Roll announced their second major update to Enter the Gungeon. Titled Advanced Gungeons & Draguns, the expansion was initially set to release in 2017, but had since been delayed. Earlier today, Dodge Roll took to Reddit to address fans on the update.

According to one of the developers, the studio has been working on making sure the quality of the update is up to par with their past work, and as such, they’ve hit some “major delays.” Per the Reddit post, one of the major delays keeping the update from releasing was the fact that the Nintendo Switch version needed some restructuring, with another delay being caused by simple indecision on what to include in the expansion.

“The second delay came from some indecision as to what to include in AG&D and what to include in possible future updates. In our usual way, we kept adding stuff to AG&D until it had grown substantially beyond our original announced plans.” said DodgeRollBrent on Reddit. “This, coupled with the Switch interruption, meant that we spent a decent amount of time working on content that ultimately will probably be included in an update after AG&D.”

According to the developer, they’ll continue to update fans as the development continues, and will make sure to update fans once a concrete release date is announced. As it stands, the official release date for the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns expansion is “soon,” with “soon” meaning more than a week, but less than four months. While fans are likely unhappy about having to wait so long, it’s always better to have a complete, unbroken product a little later than a messy, buggy one now.

[Source: Reddit]