Here’s Why Dodge Roll Is Halting Work on Enter the Gungeon

In a somewhat shocking announcement, Dodge Roll has announced it will begin to end all work on Enter the Gugeon in an attempt to “move on” to new projects. While the team is planning on making and releasing one more free update, the planned paid expansion for the rogue-like has officially been canceled.

While the reasoning seems simple enough, there’s actually more to it than simply wanting to move on. Enter the Gungeon began five years ago. As Dodge Roll itself admits, the foundation for it is “shaky.” Noting that everyone there is “far better at making video games today,” it quickly became apparent that the ambitions were greater than the technical limitations.

In addition, Dodge Roll’s work on Enter the Gungeon’s recent update, Advanced Gungeons and Draguns, helped fuel this decision. While the team there is proud of the work, it ended up causing a lot of strain.

“The wear on our team was so strong that we discussed canceling AG&D multiple times during its development, or taking a year off after its release.” Valuing “transparency,” Dodge Roll decided to be upfront about its decision with the fans. However, the studio believes the future is bright and is “excited” about the new projects.

While work on Enter the Gungeon may be ending, there’s still plenty to look forward to. You can buy the physical version, which is still available. In addition, Dodge Roll hopes to take the upcoming update to console certification by the end of the year. And of course, Enter the Gungeon itself will still be there.

[Source: Reddit]