Limited Edition Physical Release of Enter the Gungeon Dodge Rolls Its Way Into Existence

Special Reserve Games and Devolver have partnered up once again to bring fans a physical PS4 edition of Enter the Gungeon alongside a fully accessible and numbered limited edition book called the Ammonomicon, complete with illustrations and information regarding the game’s many items and enemies. The limited edition box for the game is sequentially numbered as well.

You can check out the official details on the bundle below:

Enter the Gungeon [PS4 Reserve]: $79.99

  • A matching set comprised of the first ever physical version of Enter the Gungeon for PS4 the physical manifestation of the arcane tome coveted by all Gungeoneers, the Ammonomicon.

PS4 Disc:

  • Exclusive “Shotgun Kin” playable skin
  • Sequentially numbered box + region free disc
  • Reversible artwork


  • Hardcover, 6×9 inches, 224 pages
  • Sequentially numbered limited edition
  • Includes exclusive art from Dodge Roll

Enter the Gungeon physical

If that bundle seems too pricey, or you’d prefer to have one over the other, you can purchase the Ammonomicon by itself for $54.99, or the sole disc for $29.99. It’s worth stressing that these are limited editions, with only 5,000 discs and 3,500 Ammonomicons made. There will only be 2,250 purchases available for the bundle, the rest being allocated to single purchases for either item. Given the loving reception of Enter the Gungeon and its continued support, I don’t think it’ll be long before we see this bundle sold out, so acting fast would be smart if this is something that interests you.

Anyone else interested in this beautiful collection? Let us know what you think in the comments.

[Source: Special Reserve Games]