Heidern is the Next The King of Fighters XIV DLC Character

The King of Fighters XIV is getting more DLC than just Oswald. Atlus announced today that the Mercenary Corps’ Commander-in-Chief Heidern will be joining the game. The new fighter will be released in April 2018.

Here’s his official character bio:

Soldiers salute! Heidern is the leader that Ralf and Clark look up to and the father figure to adopted daughter Leona. Always keeping a cool head, Heidern uses his martial and assassination arts to take out his foes without hesitation. His hand strikes are nothing to take lightly.

Check out The King of Fighters XIV Heidern gameplay trailer below:

or more on SNK’s latest fighting game, check out my The King of Fighters XIV review. Here’s what I had to say about the title when it released:

Free matches can be made for team and solo fights, but they also house a unique battle type called Party Vs. This mode is a team match that has six different people competing at once. That means each person controls one of the characters in the match, and it’s not unlike playing a basketball game online with real teammates. I find the prospect of this mode to be super interesting, and I can’t wait to see actual teams formed around this concept. It’s fun, fresh, and a smart addition to the genre (even if I found that it can be difficult to get six people together).

The King of Fighters XIV is a fully featured fighting game. It still feels like its classic predecessors, but it has been updated in some important areas to feel like a modern take. Its roster is both a celebration of the series that also signifies that this is a new step forward. I’m excited to see KoF back in the spotlight, and I hope to see SNK continue building on this great installment.

The King of Fighters XIV is available now.