Epic Explains Unannounced Changes to Fortnite’s Dragon Weapons After Backlash

A recent Fortnite update unexpectedly re-rolled the stats on Dragon weapons, which has left Save the World players very unhappy. Reddit is currently inundated with complaints from fans who have invested a significant amount of time and resources into the items, only for their efforts to go waste.

Epic Games has now acknowledged that it “messed up” by not communicating with players, and offered an explanation for the changes, which you can read below:

When we first released the Dragon Weapons they were able to roll completely invalid sets of perks. They could be very bad (5 grey perks) or absolutely amazing (5 gold perks), but in both cases they did not follow our normal perk rolling rules.

We ran a migration to address this in 3.2, as mentioned in this comment. Dragon Weapons/Schematics with an invalid (very good or very bad) set of perks was re-rolled:

EDIT (Note): Each weapon in Fortnite: STW is allowed to have many attribute-altering perks but only one of the more involved gameplay-altering perks.


  • If the schematic didn’t have at least one blue and one gold perk – the item was re-rolled.
  • If the schematic had more than two gray perks, four blue perks, or four gold perks – the item was re-rolled.


  • If the schematic didn’t have at least one blue perk – the item was rerolled.
  • If the schematic had more than two gray perks, three blue perks, or three gold perks – the item was rerolled

The system for rerolling perks is actively being worked on, and will empower you to pick and choose which perks you want to change on the weapon. We’ve started some high level design work on the weapon perk reroll system, it’s going to take some time. Here’s some initial insight…

Our goals for the system:

  • Put control over weapon perks into YOUR hands. Roll a stat you don’t like? Change it!
  • Introduce meaningful end-game investment opportunities in weapons past level 30.
  • Introduce clear steps toward perfecting the items you love.

Epic also promised to keep fans updated going forward.

[Source: Reddit]