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Mass Effect Writer Drew Karpyshyn Leaves BioWare Again

Mass Effect 1 & 2 lead writer, Drew Karpyshyn, has left BioWare once again. He previously resigned in 2012 to pursue non-gaming projects, and is doing so again to work on more original novels. However, he’ll still be doing some freelance gaming work.

Over on his blog, Karpyshyn wrote:

I know a lot of you are wondering why I’m doing this. For many people, working at BioWare would be their dream job and they can’t imagine anyone stepping away from it. But it was time for me to move on.

Everyone who works at BioWare pours their heart and soul into the games they are making. It’s creatively demanding and – at times – exhausting. In the past, I’ve managed to juggle outside projects with my work at BioWare, but it always took a toll. And there were always outside projects I had to pass on because they would represent a conflict of interest with BioWare or EA properties.

So I made the decision to step back (again) and focus on my freelance work. I’d love to say more about the novel(s) I’m working on, or my graphic novel project, but those details will have to wait a while. 

Karpyshyn will now be working for Fogbank Entertainment, a new San Francisco studio set up by FoxNext Games.

[Source: Drew Karpyshyn]