Lightsabers Meet Guitar Hero in Beat Saber for PSVR, Coming In the Next Few Months

Imagine if Obi-Wan had invented rhythm games while training Luke Skywalker in the ways of the Force. Sometimes video games are a result of mashups that you would have never thought possible, yet somehow work so well together. Beat Saber is a rhythm game played with lightsabers in virtual reality. The idea is simple in context, but looks like it could be a tough challenge for players–slash the blocks in time with the music, avoid walls with your head, and don’t slash the bombs. You also have to pay attention to which way the arrows on the blocks are pointing and slash in the correct direction and color.

Beat Saber was revealed back in 2016, but the Hyperbolic Magnetism finally confirmed PlayStation VR as one of the release platforms in an FAQ they posted on Facebook last week. The release date is currently unknown, but they put it within the next few months.

We have a lot of questions about platforms and release date. So here is some info:

Release date: not decided yet, but hopefully soon (not more than few months)

Platforms: the game will be available on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PSVR (Playstation 4 VR with move controllers) and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Price: not decided yet, very probably something around 20$ on PC

Soundtrack: will be released after the game launch. Two songs are already available on Spotify ($100 Bills and Escape by Jaroslav Beck)

To get a look at Beat Saber in action, check out the teaser gameplay video posted below.

Not only is Beat Saber a fun idea, but it’s a great experience to get gamers moving. Developers are doing a lot within the virtual reality space to gamify fitness. If virtual experiences that can get a player’s heart pumping rather than sitting idle on the couch, perhaps we’ll have a bit healthier of a society. I’ve used VR games in the past as an excuse to get off the couch. Now I’ll be able to channel my inner Skywalker while listening to some awesome beats and competing for the highest scores.

[Source: Hyperbolic Magnetism]