Beat Saber Update

Beat Saber Gets Three More Free Tracks From Cametek in Latest Update

As the first VR game to sell a million copies, Beat Saber continues to be one of virtual reality’s biggest darlings, and Beat Games is continuing to support the release with more music. With the latest 1.7 update, three free songs have been added to the line-up. All three songs are by EDM artist Masaya Oya, better known by his stage name Cametek, who entered the scene in 2008.  Cametek also had three songs added to the game for free last year. The three new and three old songs are grouped together in the game as one Cametek pack. Be warned: these tracks aren’t for the faint of heart. Beat Games claimed one of the songs had an average of 8.7 notes every second.

The following three songs by Cametek have been added:

  • “Exit This Earth’s Atmosphere”
  • “GHOST”
  • “Light It Up”

Beat Saber continues to have songs added to it all the time. Sometimes the songs are free, such as when League Of Legendsshockingly catchy K-pop hit “POP/STARS” was added, or when popular meme song “Crab Rave” was added as an April Fools joke. Other music packs are paid (either by individual song or the full pack). Packs focused on bands like Imagine Dragons, Panic! at the Disco, and recently Green Day, have been put into the game. Beat Saber also had a crossover with Rocket League, adding several tracks and backgrounds from the popular multiplayer sports game.

In addition to the new songs, the 1.7 update added in the ability to clear your local leaderboard in Party mode. This way you can judge everyone on the current party, and not be reminded of a session from a few months back. Especially useful if you have one friend who’s ridiculously better and/or more sober than everyone else.