Revised Destiny 2 Roadmap Reveals Heroic Strike Modifiers Delayed and Expanded, Weekly Crucible Playlist Calendar

Bungie has offered another revision to the Destiny 2 roadmap originally revealed in January. As we’re reaching the end of the announced schedule, notmuch has been changed or delayed, but there are a few notable things that players should be aware of going into both update 1.1.4 in two weeks and update 1.2.0 with the release of Expansion 2 in May.

First up is a calendar for limited-time weekly Crucible playlist coming in Destiny 2 update 1.1.4 on March 27.

Mar 27: Rumble

Apr 3: Mayhem

Apr 10: Iron Banner

Apr 17: Rumble

Apr 24: Mayhem

May 1: Iron Banner

While it’s purely speculation, noting that the calendar does not go to May 8 could be a major clue for when Expansion 2 is planned to be released. That would put the big update 1.2.0 and the start of Season 3 at one week past the usual monthly releases of these bigger updates, just enough time to get everything ready for another big shift in Destiny 2.

The other big news out of this Destiny 2 roadmap revision is the delay of Heroic Strike modifiers to update 1.2.0 in May. Bungie ran into a major issue with the feature and needs the extra time to fix it. The update specifically mentions “changing the design to fix the issue,” so it sounds like the problem was far from just a little bug. On the upside, the delay allows them time to expand the scope and add more variety than was part of the original plan.

Finally, they teased that information regarding Destiny 2 update 1.2.0 (and likely news about the coming expansion and Season 3 changes) will be coming in April. During the course of the month, Bungie will be giving more details on what to expect from Exotic Masterworks, Seasonal Crucible Rankings, Heroic Strike Modifiers, and more. There are a lot of long-awaited features planned for update 1.2.0, including Vault Space increase, multi-emote options, and the big Exotic pass to make weapons and armor actually feel powerful.

[Source: Bungie]