Epic Games Announces Fortnite Replay System, Coming “Soon” to Game

Today, Epic Games announced that it would be introducing a Fortnite replay system into the game, allowing players to go back and rewatch their matches and also clip together videos to share with their friends.

You can check out a brief trailer showing off some of the clips you’ll be able to make in the video below:

According to Epic Games (at their State of Unreal presentation during GDC) the replay system will be coming to Fortnite “soon,” (via Polygon) with Unreal Engine developers getting access to them this summer. In an effort to introduce players with some of the functionality behind the replay system, Epic partnered with YouTuber Alastair Aiken (Ali-A) to show players how they can edit footage together and send it out to their friends. In the replay mode, players will be able to change UI elements, customize the camera in various ways, and also clip together moments for sharing.

In other Fortnite news, a brand new limited-time Blitz mode is available in the game now. Here’s more on the limited time offering:

The new Blitz mode is live now for the next couple of days, and includes “lots of loot” and the promise of faster storms, meaning that zones will be closing around players a lot faster than they might be used to. The developers behind the game took to their site to detail thew new mode, but didn’t reveal exactly how long it would be around for.

According to Epic Games, the match length in Blitz will be a maximum of 15 minutes, meaning there’s going to be a lot of fighting going on and a very fast storm. The game will start with the storm already closing in on the island, and loot availability has been tweaked, meaning players will be finding a lot of great gear as they run from the storm.

Fortnite is available now.