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Don’t Miss the New God Eater 3 Information at God Eater 8th Anniversary Live Stream Tomorrow

Bandai Namco is going to hold a live stream to commemorate God Eater‘s 8th anniversary on Saturday, March 24, at 18:00 Japan time (UTC+9). This stream is expected to last for two hours and will end at 20:00. In other time zones, the live stream should be available at the following times:

  • GMT: 09:00 – 11:00
  • EDT: 05:00 – 07:00
  • PDT: 02:00 – 04:00

Thanks to all your support, the God Eater series has reached its 8th anniversary on February 4, 2018.

To commemorate this 8th anniversary, the God Eater 8th Anniversary Thanksgiving Festival will be held on March 24.

Along with celebrating the 8th anniversary, the developer team and special guests will together deliver latest information on the series, starting with God Eater 3, the newest console game, and God Eater Resonant Ops, the mobile RPG for App Store & Google Play!

Of course, our attention will be focused on God Eater 3, the long-anticipated official sequel to the series. We haven’t seen more new information on the game ever since it was first revealed at the God Eater orchestra live concert in October 2017, so we’re really looking forward to seeing any new trailers Bandai Namco has in store.

Although no platforms have been announced yet for God Eater 3, it should be safe to assume that it will be coming to PlayStation 4, as all past God Eater games had been mainly released on PlayStation platforms.

[Source: Bandai Namco]