Blizzard Making Changes to Overwatch’s Player Reporting System, Testing D.Va Nerf

A new Overwatch patch is in development and is now live in PTR for testing. In addition to the recently announced “Avoid as Teammate” feature, the update makes changes to the existing player reporting system, nerfs D.Va’s micro missiles, balances the Blizzard World Map, and more.

Blizzard has noted that the reporting menu’s “Poor Teamwork” and “Griefing” options seem to have confused players, leading to people being reported under incorrect categories. As a result, the “Poor Teamwork” option has been removed, and “Griefing” option has been renamed “Gameplay Sabotage.”

Community Manager Tom Powers explained:

Due to player confusion about the most appropriate category to report players for poor or toxic gameplay, we are removing the Poor Teamwork option from the reporting system. Players should instead use the Gameplay Sabotage option when players actively harass or disrupt their own team with game mechanics or their actions. Players should not be reported simply for performing poorly, since everyone occasionally has a bad game.

As for hero changes, the explosive damage from D.Va’s micro missiles has been reduced from 6 to 4. According to Blizzard, her burst potential is a bit too high. The net result of the nerf will be a 22 percent damage reduction.

The full patch notes detail all the changes so make sure to check them out for more information.