Far Cry 5 Can Be Completed in Ten Minutes, Watch the Secret Ending

After Far Cry 4’s infamous secret ending where you could see the credits by never touching the controller, Ubisoft has once again allowed players to reach the credits a little over ten minutes after starting Far Cry 5. Ubisoft calls these “non-action endings,” on account of the lack of action being taken actually leading to a conclusion. If you want to experience the Far Cry 5 secret ending for yourself, don’t watch the video above and stop reading here.

There are some big differences between the Far Cry 5 secret ending and the one we saw in Far Cry 4. You’ll have to use the controller a little bit in order to walk up to Joseph Seed’s church, so it’s not completely devoid of action. Once there, the game begins as normal and the marshal attempts to arrest Seed under the watchful eye of his family and flock. When told to initiate the arrest and handcuff Seed, the game hands control over the player with a single button prompt.

Pressing this button will set the events of Far Cry 5 in motion, but refusing to do so will initiate the alternate ending. This is where another big change from Far Cry 4 comes in. That ending required players to wait in Pagan Min’s house for nearly 13 minutes, whereas The Father only needs to hold his hands out for about a minute and a half before the sheriff calls the arrest off and leads the officers out of the church.

The marshal is obviously not happy with this new development, angrily asking Sheriff Whitehorse what he’s doing. Whitehorse responds, saying, “If you put those cuffs on him, none of us are getting out of here alive.” The marshal threatens to have everyone arrested. “So be it,” Whitehorse grumbles as he pushes open the doors to the church. The screen cuts to black and the credits begin to roll.

If missed our Far Cry 5 review, we felt that the latest entry in the series makes some serious advancements while also hitting a few stumbling blocks. It’s still a lot of fun to play though, and Joseph Seed is the best villain that Far Cry has ever had.