New Gundam Breaker Release Date Confirmed, Will Also Have a Dating System

Bandai Namco has released a new information batch for their upcoming Gundam game, New Gundam Breaker, starting with a new trailer that has been published worldwide. This trailer also features the game’s theme song, Snatchaway by SKY-HI—who will also sing the opening song for the upcoming anime Gundam Build Divers. While the global release date has also been announced, it is also worth noting that this game will be also released on PC via Steam in addition to PlayStation 4, making it the first ever Gundam game to be available on Steam.

The Japanese trailer has more details on incentives that are not explained in the English trailers. For example, pre-ordering the game will come with a bonus mission where you can fight Super Fumina once per day to obtain a Fumina Ticket which can be traded with a part you haven’t gotten yet. There is also a limited Build G Sound Edition, exclusively available for the PS4, which contains 20 theme songs from past Gundam Breaker games and Gundam Build Fighters anime series, and an even more limited Premium Edition which comes with a clear colored HGBD Gunpla of Gundam AGE-II Magnum.

Japan’s gaming media outlets have also informed us of an unexpected new feature in New Gundam Breaker, in which it will feature more waifu heroine characters who will fight together with you and can be even dated with. You can take a look at the girls in the slide below:

Finally, The Japanese game news blog Ryokutya has also confirmed that there is a new article for New Gundam Breaker in this week’s Famitsu magazine, and it will add three more new mobile suit Gunplas: Efreet Custom, Psycommu System Zaku, and Gundam G-Self Perfect Pack.

New Gundam Breaker will be released for PlayStation 4 and Steam worldwide on June 22. Note that the Japanese PS4 version will be out a day early on June 21.

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