Bungie Exploring ‘Random Rolls, Weapon Slots, and Progression Systems’ in Destiny 2, Will Continue to Address Player Concerns

Destiny 2 update 1.1.4 launched earlier this week, marking the single biggest sandbox-shifting balance update since the gamer first released. Bungie calls it the “go fast update,” as it buffs nearly every weapon and ability in the game, and generally makes the gameplay rhythm much faster. Despite these drastic changes being in response to overwhelming feedback since Destiny 2’s launch (and the positive reception they have thus far received), the short attention span of players has already shifted to concerns that Bungie hasn’t yet addressed.

Speaking to fans in the latest Bungie weekly blog post, Community Manager Cozmo addressed these points by calling update 1.1.4 a “step in the direction of our mission to improve Destiny 2.” He indicated that other hot topics and concerns are being explored behind the scenes, promising that players will “see [the team] front and center discussing their solutions in due time.”

We’ve already got a lot of feedback about this update and will continue to monitor the conversation. We know this hasn’t addressed all of the concerns brought up by the community. There are other hot topics we haven’t discussed, like Random Rolls, Weapon Slots, and Progression Systems. Our team has been exploring each of these concerns behind the scenes. You’ll see them front and center discussing their solutions in due time. This game update was another step in the direction of our mission to improve Destiny 2.

The release of update 1.1.4 leaves only one more node on the current Destiny 2 roadmap. May will see the release of update 1.2.0, Expansion 2, and Season 3, which should be another big shift for the state of the game overall. Cozmo sparked an awareness of this fact, saying that it’s almost time to “plot more future waypoints over a more distant horizon.” With the current roadmap winding down into its final moments, we’re going to see some additional details start coming regarding the May content, and likely another roadmap to detail the course leading to September’s major expansion.

Expansion 2 marks the end of the Destiny 2 season pass. Many players who purchased it early are willing to see Destiny 2 through this second content expansion as they’ve already paid into it, but Bungie is working hard to ensure the state of the game is in a good place before they need to convince players to buy into the major September expansion.

Would you like to see Destiny 2 random rolls on weapons? Have you had a chance to play around with update 1.1.4 yet? Are you happy to see random rolls, weapon slots, and progression systems on Bungie’s radar as they continue to evolve the game?

[Source: Bungie]