Wipeout Omega Collection VR Review

Video Analyzes How WipEout Omega Collection VR Performs

With the WipEout Omega Collection now out on PlayStation VR, it’s the perfect time for studios to begin looking at just how the game runs when played inside the virtual world. With that in mind, the tech group Digital Foundry has released a video analyzing the technical aspects of the game and how it runs inside the PSVR headset. In the video, the company goes in-depth on whether or not the VR port was worth the wait.

Make sure to check out below for the full video:

The analysis video (above) does a great job of breaking down how the WipEout Omega Collection looks when placed into virtual reality. When it comes to the video output of the PSVR, the results are likely what you would expect, but there are tons of interesting tidbits in the video, so if you’re enjoying the game or simply looking for more information, make sure to give it a watch.

For more on the WipEout Omega Collection, make sure to check out our review of the initial game. You can check out a snippet below:

The WipEout Omega Collection is all the WipEout goodness a fan could want. You’ve basically got the most modern rendition of a PlayStation classic in UHD and HDR, at a blistering frame rate and with an accompanying booming soundtrack. Yet for those of us who played these three games to death, this collection will serve as a painful reminder that we haven’t seen new WipEout material on a home console in a long time. Regardless, given all the content on offer for a sub-$40 asking price, the WipEout Omega Collection is a no-brainer purchase for gamers of all kinds.

The WipEout Omega Collection is available now.