Far Cry 5 Players Are Getting Checkpointed Into Death Loops

While modern gaming conveniences can be great, sometimes an issue comes along that might make you wish you still had the ability to manually save games on a good old-fashioned memory card. Some Far Cry 5 players are discovering unfortunate checkpoints in the moments before death. Often the death resulted from a fall, and the checkpoint occurs during the falling animation. Each time the game reloads, players find themselves immediately faced with a black and white screen featuring their character ragdolling across the ground.

The bad checkpoints have hit multiple players, with a few videos now hitting YouTube showing the Far Cry 5 death loop. Each seems to be in a different area, so it looks like Far Cry 5 doesn’t have any kind of autosave protection that puts players back on the ground in a safe place upon loading into the game.

One suggestion on Reddit told players to get a friend to join their game, but one user replied saying that their friend just got stuck in the same death animation. On the videos that have popped up showing the issue, numerous comments are indicating that the same thing has happened to them.

A comment on the Ubisoft forums suggests that players try to tap the PS button on their controller as fast as possible to force the game to pause as it loads in. From here, you should be able to tap the map button and fast travel out of the infinite death loop. Other users report that solution doesn’t work because they are too close to the ground and hitting the button in time feels like some kind of rigged arcade game. Another comment says that rebooting the console completely will offer about a second longer after loading in than just the checkpoint, so shutting things down might offer a better chance if you run into this problem.

The issue is platform agnostic, meaning it can possibly impact PS4, Xbox One, and PC players of the game. Another variation of this issue comes in dying and checkpointing while flying a plane.

A looped death sometimes occurs when using an airplane, for example when the airplane crashes into a mountain or high obstacle, the game reloads, starts again in the airplane`s cockpit – but the airplane is in this case not flying forward, but freefalling down to the ground without any possibility to accelerate it again and to fly forward again. The only chance to prevent dying and dying and dying and dying again and again is really fast getting out of the plane and use the parachute.

But if the parachute is not avaiable and all skill points are currently spent into other character skills, or if the plane is too low to have enough time to crawl out and open the parachute – a non stoppable endless death loop will occur., and all game progress will be lost….

According to MP1st, one of the affected users reached out to Ubisoft about the issue and was told that they were going to need to start over from a fresh save. Over on the Ubisoft forums, the support staff indicated that they have passed the problem along, but there are no solid answers for the currently affected people.

Have you found yourself stuck in a Far Cry 5 death loop? To prevent the issue, make sure that you manually save the game periodically (the game has one manual and one autosave) by going to the options menu and saving. You can also occasionally upload your latest save to the cloud or stash it on a USB drive if you want to make sure you don’t lose all of your progress.

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