Sanane and Hayate Added to Fighting EX Layer

Arika has announced the addition of Sanane and Hayate to its upcoming title, Fighting EX Layer, pushing the game’s roster to 13 fighters.

Hayate made his debut in Street Fighter EX 2 whereas Sanane is a new fighter whose name seems to be an anagram of Street Fighter EX 2‘s Nanase.

You can see both characters in the announcement video above, which also contains a message from Arika’s CEO. If you prefer a written description, here’s how the video describes Sanane and Hayate:


A cheerful and athletic girl who stands out with her exceptional Sports Naginata skills; however, she is occasionally overcome with a sense of deja vu when using it.

After crossing paths with a certain man at the Sports Festival, Sanane felt something and begins to question the truth behind her early life.


The successor to the Hayate Spirit; although he remembers “That Thing,” he has chosen to live a normal life and is currently a university student.

A master of his own style of swordplay using the Sports Chanbara, he is unbeatable in all of the University League.

He is also highly respected as an instructor.

After facing off with Sanane at the Sports Festival, he awoke to his duty and resolved to seal Garuda.

Fighting EX Layer will release this year for PlayStation 4.