Bandai Namco to Have New God Eater 3 Live Stream After Holding Trial Session in Japan

Bandai Namco is going to hold a God Eater 3 trial session and live stream at the end of April 2018. From April 28 to 30, they will hold a limited trial session at Bandai Namco Future Lab in Japan, where members of the Japanese public will be able to register and participate. In this session, other than getting to play a dev build of God Eater 3 first-hand, they will be able to give feedback directly to the development team which will also be present at the lab.

Of course, having taken place in Japan, this session can only be attended by people who are actually residing in Japan. But for those who cannot go to the lab, especially us who live overseas, Bandai Namco has also promised that they will have a live stream on April 30, where they will inform of the game’s development progress.

From the evening of the last day on April 30, we plan to stream a special programme where we report the progress from the development summit!!

We will inform more of it after we have finalized the details!

God Eater 3 is currently under development for PlayStation 4 and Steam, and it will be released worldwide, although no release timeframe has been given yet as of this writing.

[Source: Bandai Namco]