NIS America Releases The Lost Child ‘Astrals’ Trailer

Good news, dungeon RPG fans! NIS America has just released a new trailer for The Lost Child, which highlights the Astrals and their many capabilities. These beings refer to various Angels, Demons, and Fallen Angels, which the player will battle throughout the game.

You can catch The Lost Child “Astrals” trailer below:

As shown in the trailer, you have the ability to convert enemy Astrals into valuable allies (which reminds us of good old Pokemon titles, to a point). You’re also able to transfer skills between all party members and Astrals, gradually face a nearly endless amount of creature types, and ultimately bend them to your will.

Developed by Kadokawa Games, The Lost Child focuses on occult journalist Hayato Ibuki, who meets a mysterious girl while investigating a series of questionable suicides in Tokyo. After some communication attempts, she suddenly implores that “Hayato must die” before handing the journalist a mysterious device with the power to capture celestial creatures.

Hayato is now facing a fate he never signed up for, battling a series of horrific creatures and other unknown dangers.

The game features over 50 entities to capture, each possessing three unique forms. You can also acquire 250 skills to use and distribute, which really helps lengthen the game’s longevity. If this isn’t the definition of fun, then we don’t know what is.

The Lost Child will release on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PS Vita on June 19 in North America, followed by Europe on June 22.

While the home console versions will be available digitally and physically, the game will only see a digital release on Vita. Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 owners can enjoy a limited edition which contains an official soundtrack and hardcover art book, available now for pre-order on the NIS America Online Store.

Get ready to capture some angels and demons when The Lost Child releases this June.

[Via: Gematsu]