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BioWare Addresses Lack of Mass Effect Andromeda Story DLC and Future Plans

BioWare’s General Manager, Casey Hudson, had recently posted a message on the company’s official website to address a few details that had gamers scratching their heads as of late.

More specifically, Hudson shed some light on the lack of story-based DLC for Mass Effect Andromeda, as well as the studio’s focus on the upcoming action RPG, Anthem, and all future titles.

While Andromeda is largely seen as a blemish in an otherwise fantastic franchise, long-time fans are nonetheless upset over the company’s seemingly lack of interest in expanding the game’s universe. Considering the game has yet to tie up some loose ends – including the fate of the Quarians – some gamers are understandably more wary about BioWare’s newest projects.

Hudson, whom had returned to helm the studio after leaving back in 2014, had this to say about their short-term and long-term plans:

“As you know, we were not able to deliver story DLC for Andromeda—this was as frustrating for us as it was for players, and it was something we knew we had to solve in future games.

That experience ultimately became a defining moment in refocusing BioWare’s mission. We need to delight players with new experiences and innovation, but we must stay focused on the importance of the world, character, and storytelling elements that players expect from our games. And our games must be designed to continue delivering new stories and experiences, in an ongoing relationship with players in the worlds we’re evolving together,” Hudson explained.

It sounds like BioWare is well aware of their recent missteps, and now their goal is to regain public trust by producing high-quality products to the very best of their ability. While nothing is written in stone, we believe BioWare’s impressive track record shows that the company can regain its good reputation with gamers and critics alike.

Hudson went on to briefly discuss Anthem, the online multiplayer title which is due out in 2019.

He continued: “It’s in that spirit that we are working through production on Anthem–a game designed to create a whole new world of story and character that you can experience with friends in an ongoing series of adventures. It will be unlike anything you’ve played, but if we do it right, it will feel very distinctly BioWare.”

Be sure to read our full Mass Effect Andromeda review if you haven’t yet played it or are still on the fence. Anthem, meanwhile, is schedule for release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in 2019.

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