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Huge BioWare Store Sale Deals Deep Discounts on Mass Effect and Dragon Age Products

If you’re a huge Mass Effect or Dragon Age fan, but $60 seems a little steep to spend on a hoodie, you may want to check out the BioWare Store sale that is going on right now. Everything from shirts, hoodies, leggings, and beanies to pins, statues, books, and Pop!s have all been deeply discounted as BioWare seeks to clear some inventory.

Most items in the sale are more than 50% off, with some items even as low as 80% off their original prices. $299 might seem like a lot for a snowboard, but when the original price was $500, that’s a pretty big amount shopped off the top. A Mordin statue originally running $340 is now selling for $199.

If you’re not a high roller and looking for something a little cheaper, there’s plenty on the menu for you too. T-shirts that normally go for $20 are on sale for $4.99. Hoodies and jackets that normally go for $60 and up are a paltry $20 with the BioWare Store sale. Even if you aren’t a big fan of either Mass Effect or Dragon Age, it’s worth taking a look at the deals to see if there’s anything among the 120+ items that strikes your fancy.

There’s no telling how long this sale will last, so best to check it out now before stock starts running out and you’re left with everything that nobody else wanted. Mass Effect Andromeda may not have been received all that favorably by most critics, but it still made for some cool designs and characters that are well represented by this product lineup.

BioWare commented today on Mass Effect Andromeda and the lack of any story DLC, while also talking a bit about the future and the studio’s focus on Anthem. The disappointment felt by both the fans and the studio over Andromeda helped them refocus to hopefully deliver when it comes time for Anthem to release in 2019.

Will you be picking anything up in the BioWare Store sale?

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