Cold Iron’s First Major Content Update is Free, Game Discounted to $13.99

If you needed one good reason to pick up PSVR’s Cold Iron, the unique puzzle-shooter virtual reality game that tests your reflexes and quick thinking, then I’ll give you two for good measure. Cold Iron’s first big content update–called Wild Card–is here, and it makes a ton of changes and additions to the game. Exhibition and training modes now allow you to hone your skills in various ways. If you’re a crazy person and want an additional challenge, you can do that with the new Hardcore Mode. We’re also intrigued by the additions of prizes to earn and new Easter eggs added to the game. This update also improves the graphics for PSVR players even further (one of our few gripes when we reviewed the game).

Detailed below are each of the new, improved, and fixed aspects of Cold Iron that come with the Wild Card update.

NEW: EXHIBITION MODE–Duel against individual opponents with the ability to quickly retry the same opponent if you lose.

NEW: TRAINING MODE–Play four new games to hone your gunslinging skills.

NEW: SHOOTOUT (TRAINING)–Shoot outlaws that appear from behind cover, but be careful not to shoot innocents!

NEW: JUGGLER’S QUEST (TRAINING)–Shoot bottles and cans that rain from the sky. Make it to the end and defeat the boss to win.

NEW: ENDLESS SHOOTOUT (TRAINING)–Outlaws appear faster and faster the more you shoot. The game ends when you shoot an innocent.

NEW: JUGGLE FOREVER (TRAINING)–More cans are added as time passes. The game ends when anything touches the ground.

NEW: HARDCORE MODE–For serious gunslingers only! Enabling this option limits you to six bullets per round and forces you to holster the gun at your hip and cock it before firing.

NEW: DIFFICULTY OPTIONS–Adjust the difficulty level in Exhibition Mode and Juggler’s Quest.

NEW: PRIZES–Earn points for dueling, training, and discovering secrets. Spend points to unlock new guns, alternate gun sounds, and saloon decorations.


IMPROVED: MENUS–Get a better look at the statues you’ve unlocked. All of our menus have been re-designed to be prettier and more informative.

IMPROVED: OPTIONS–In addition to Hardcore Mode, you now have the option of automatically skipping all cutscenes.

IMPROVED: GRAPHICS–Cold Iron is smoother and higher resolution than ever on both PS4 and PS4 Pro.

IMPROVED: CONTROLS–You can now use the Move button to cock the gun on PS4.

IMPROVED: SCORING–Base scores for several duels were re-calculated based on player feedback. There’s gold in them duels!

FIXED: You can now skip the mini-cutscene between the 10th and 11th duels in Campaign Mode.

FIXED: Fixed a rare holster UI bug.

Along with the wagon load of free new content available in the game, Cold Iron is getting a permanent price cut to $13.99 starting today. That’s right, Cold Iron has more content than before and costs less than most PSVR games out there. If you’re up for the challenge, the Cold Iron Platinum trophy still remains unclaimed (and as far as I am aware, the secret “true” ending has yet to be widely discovered). One gold trophy still eludes all who would seek to claim it, locked behind the pretty tough challenge of getting all gold statues. Maybe that’s just because you have yet to step out into the midday sun, draw your cannon, and prove your worth.

If you do decide to pick up Cold Iron, or are coming back to it now that the Wild Card update is out, don’t miss our guide on how to obtain each of the gold statues in the game and unlock the final door, leading to a secret encounter and the true ending.

Does the new Cold Iron update make you want to jump in? Is the discounted price enough to make you pull the trigger on a purchase?