Cold Iron Update 1.01 Improves PSVR Resolution, New Content in Development

PSVR’s reflex-based puzzle shooter, Cold Iron, got it’s first update today, improving the resolution on both the standard PS4 and PS4 Pro. Catch & Release sent a tweet today saying that this update “cranked up the resolution up to 60% in some scenes on standard PS4,” adding that it also offered a 20% boost on PS4 Pro. While we haven’t had a chance to give the new Cold Iron update a look ourselves yet, this update seems to improve on the textures, and will potentially smooth out some of the jaggies that were present.

The also mention that the first content update is in the works now, meaning Cold Iron is going to be expanding even further. They’ve hinted at some of the ideas they’d like to tackle (like online leaderboards and a possible “boss rush” mode) in interviews, but I’m eager to see what actually sees the midday sun. Will we get entirely new encounters? A new world full of unique new enemies and puzzles? Only time will tell.

Cold Iron’s visuals were one of the only downsides we found in our review, but we also noted that the tension of waiting for the bell to ding drowned out concerns about the texture resolution. We also hoped for additional content, and it seems like Catch & Release is hard at work at bringing new things to Cold Iron.

Tension in the moments before the bell dings is probably the highlight of Cold Iron. The audible heartbeats as I waited for the moment I could draw and fire left me far too long to think about things, and I can only imagine that this is what actual cowboys felt in the moments before a duel–only, their lives were actually on the line. Cold Iron just captures that feeling so perfectly, even as it morphs from apprehension into dread during the more difficult latter half of the game. Visually, however, Cold Iron does leave something to be desired. Most of the worlds are filled with flat textures and jaggy edges, which seems to be symptom of the PSVR version. When the duel is between me and my opponent,though, the wider world seemed to melt away. My gun and my target were all that mattered.

Cold Iron is a fascinating and unique game that could use a little bit more polish. I’d love to see additional puzzles and worlds added in the future, and maybe some kind of tutorial or power-up that could assist with better aiming for those elusive bullseyes. The test of skill is reason enough to play again and again, with the challenge of a reflex puzzle-based shooter persistently pressing for just one more duel to try and do slightly better than I did before. Textures and difficulty aiming aside, I always wanted to hear that bell one more time and watch my enemy slump into the dirt. Or maybe? Maybe it’s just the curse of the gun that won’t let go—the grip of Cold Iron on my soul.

It’s awesome to see developers dive into addressing feedback about their game. Catch & Release has started by adding some visual polish while players eagerly await the possibility of new encounters and modes that are now in development. If you can’t wait that long, you can try unlocking Cold Iron’s secret ending using some tips from the developers. The bravest and most patient among you may even try for the platinum trophy. Can you unlock it before Cold Iron rises to take hold of your soul with new content (and hopefully additional challenges and trophies)?