Earth Defense Force 5 Will Soon Blast its Way to North America

Earth Defense Force 5 english

D3 Publisher has announced that Earth Defense Force 5 is making its way to North America later this summer. However, there is no release information for those in Europe just yet.

Earth Defense Force 5 was first released in Japan in December 2017 and quickly gained modest sales numbers and a pretty decent following. That very month, the game had reached over 250,000 total shipments and digital sales in the region, thus securing the game’s continued expansion.

Let’s take a look at this Earth Defense Force 5 trailer in the meantime:

As you can see from this trailer, Earth Defense Force 5 continues the winning formula the franchise is now known for. The premise involves fighting your way through alien invaders, giant insects, and various spaceships using a set of powerful weapons and means of transportation.

Speaking of resources, players can choose from four different soldiers packed with varying weapons, armor, and overall abilities. We also expect classic two-player co-op similar to the likes of Earth Defense Force 4.1. This allows for a good time busting aliens without the extensive multiplayer mayhem traditionally used today.

All in all, it’s a fun shooter that’s relatively easy to pick up when you’re in the mood for some mindless action. Previous entries have pleasantly scratched a certain itch, particularly for those who enjoy the cliche, but intense gratification in squashing aliens with overpowered weapons.

D3 Publisher has not yet given us a price point nor an exact release date for Earth Defense Force 5, but thankfully summer is just around the corner. Not to mention they could leverage E3 2018 to disclose all remaining details about the game.

Have you tried any of the previous entries in the long-running Earth Defense Force series? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.