Game Studios Praise Sony Over God of War

It’s relatively rare to witness exciting and emotional video game launches to such a high degree. These strong reactions tend to pour for select franchises such as GTA, Call of Duty, Mario, and very few others.

Needless to say, we’re thrilled to see so many video game studios consistently praising God of War, which just released this April 20 to universal acclaim. From Naughty Dog to Bethesda to BioWare, everyone has lined up to congratulate Sony Santa Monica for their tremendous success with their newest gem.

Here’s what Guerilla had to say:

Naughty Dog didn’t stay behind, either:

A word from the highly respected BioWare:

Other studios included Insomniac Games, Media Molecule, Bethesda, Yacht Club Games, among many others.

God of War, which spent the last several years in a dormant state, has made one heck of a comeback to say the least. We shouldn’t be all that surprised, judging by our own God of War review and the fact that the franchise was always a system seller. Yet here we are…

Even Xbox boss Phil Spencer acknowledged Sony for scoring big, which adds a much-needed human touch to an otherwise competitive market. This is the reason God of War director Cory Barlog got so emotional last week as he read some early game reviews on video. Who could blame the guy?

This has all helped the game become the highest-scoring PlayStation 4 exclusive on Metacritic. That’s one impressive milestone considering the number of high-profile games it was fighting against.

Have you picked up God of War yet? Be sure to grab the PS4 exclusive today and let us know your thoughts!

[Via: GameSpot]