shining resonance refrain character trailer

Shining Resonance Refrain Plays Out a New Character Introduction Trailer

A remaster of the Japan-only PS3 game Shining Resonance, the new Shining Resonance Refrain will be available to the world this year. The game follows the adventures of a literal ancient dragon, “Shining Force Irvan,” albeit in his human form as Yuma Irvan. It has classic RPG elements but played around in a new twist with original gameplay elements like the B.A.N.D System.

For those not familiar with the game, developers Media.Vision and publisher Sega has just uploaded a new character introduction trailer that shows a bit of gameplay of your main party. Here’s what they can say about each of the characters:

Shining Resonance Refrain Heroes Trailer

  • First off, we’re introduced to Kirika Towa Alma, the Diva of Nature. She uses her bow to deal damage from a distance while supporting allies with healing magic.
  • Next, we meet Sonia Blanche, the Lightning Princess. Fierce, yet elegant, she darts across the battlefield with her sword and shield, dealing damage to single targets in quick bursts.
  • Following Sonia, Agnum Bulletheart, the Pyromaestro makes his appearance. Always aiming to be the center of attention, Agnum deals massive damage to large groups of enemies with explosive fire magic.
  • Cooling things down after Agnum’s appearance, we have Lestin Sera Alma, the Glacier Sentinel. He uses ice magic to slow down enemies before cleaving through them with his trusty halberd.
  • Rinna, the Whirlwind Sylph brings some cheer to the party with her lighthearted attitude. She deals heavy damage from the back lines with powerful magic abilities.
  • Finally, we meet Yuma Irvan himself. Armed with the power of the Shining Dragon, he fights with dragon-like ferocity to protect his friends.

For a more in-depth look at each of the playable characters featured in the Heroes Trailer (and a few others!), be sure to take a look at the Cast Overview on the PlayStation Blog.

Shining Resonance Refrain will be available on July 10 for the PlayStation 4.