Wild Mage - Phantom Twilight

Uber Realistic RPG Wild Mage – Phantom Twilight Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Looking for an RPG that has floating islands, airships, dungeons, an unconventional progression system, and a dynamic world that can be altered? If so, then this new Kickstarter campaign this 2018 may catch your interest.

Wild Mage – Phantom Twilight, an open world adventure RPG, started its crowdfunding campaign today with a $10,000 goal. As of this writing, the campaign has already amassed more than half the amount it needs to pursue the project.

Lucas McCann, owner and lead developer at Luna Orion, described the RPG title as his creation based on his own preferences as a gamer.

“As a gamer, I always liked the idea of exploring a world made of floating islands with airships, like in some of the cut scenes in Final Fantasy IX. But few games that I know of really expanded on this concept as part of their core gameplay, so I decided to make one myself!” he said.

The upcoming RPG title has five distinct classes – Human, Fairy, Dwarf, Gnome, Elf – each of which uses a unique set of skills and movements.

Unique Features

Aside from floating islands and starships that may soon serve as virtual homes to player characters, Wild Mage also features voxel-based monsters. This allows characters to physically alter the physique of monsters, like slicing their bodies in half, or pounding them with a hammer or any blunt object. This feature veers away from the usual health bars and numeral pointers of a monster’s health.

In addition to the capability of physically altering characters in game, Wild Mage includes skills and actions that can transform the world’s terrain. For instance, there are destructible walls that can be attacked in order to access hidden dungeons or rooms.

Endless Possibilities

Moreover, your character can dig the ground, blow up bridges, and even destroy entire floating islands – the possibilities are endless. Certain character skills can also alter the world’s environment like a tornado that can wipe out everything in its path – even your own airship if you get too close.

Another interesting feature about Wild Mage – Phantom Twilight is that it does not have the traditional leveling system where players gain levels through experience and killing monsters, or finishing quests. In this title by Luna Orion, players can gain new and powerful skills by killing monsters across the game world.

Luna Orion’s Kickstarter campaign for Wild Mage – Phantom Twilight will end on June 6.

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